Elvis Dumervil's Fax of Life

After the bizarre incident that led to his end in Denver, the new Raven discusses how things are different in Baltimore
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GREG BEDARD: What you’re being asked to do going from end with the Broncos to linebacker with the Ravens, how different is it?

ELVIS DUMERVIL: I mean, it’s totally different. There are a lot of different positions you’ve got to learn, different terminology, scheme. It’s fun though, it’s exciting, challenging. But you just come out and put work into it. I think our scheme is really good, fun, a lot of guys doing different things. So you have to study. Once you get that down, you can just go have fun.

BEDARD:What’s different about this team and organization?

DUMERVIL: Man, we work. You can understand why they’re in it every year. They really put the work in. There’s not really any magic to it. From the meetings, even walkthrough at practice, we get a lot of reps. And it’s very competitive, and that brings the best out of you. You’ve got guys talking smack to each other, but pushing each other. That creates that chemistry when everyone is competing at a high level.

BEDARD:Is this the most talented team you’ve been on?

DUMERVIL: I mean, it’s up there, for sure. I think we’re stacked, two-deep across. So it’s exciting. We just have to get that continuity and get everybody working together.

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