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From the Front Office to a Front Row Seat

Raiders CEO turned CBS analyst Amy Trask on why Washington should change its mascot and the one play she'll never forget

1. I think the NFL should reconsider, and either abandon or substantially modify, the blackout rule. If a team is struggling to sell out, it is counterproductive to black out home games in the very market in which the team is endeavoring to engender greater support.

2. I think the best coaches evaluate their rosters and design offensive and defensive game plans that put their players in the best position to succeed.

3. I think the Washington Redskins should make a powerful statement and change the team name and logo. If we wish to inspire people to consider one another without regard to skin color, then it is antithetical to refer to any person or any group of people by skin color. The Washington Redskins have an opportunity to do something very meaningful.

4. I think that if all people were as blind to racial, gender, religious, ethnic and other differences as Al Davis was, the world would be a much, much better place.  Actually, I know this to be the case, but the title of this column is 10 Things I Think I Think,  not 10 Things I Know.

5. I think that, as a general rule, a three-man rush is a really bad idea.

6. I think that two teams sharing a stadium (like the Jets and the Giants do) makes a tremendous amount of sense. Stadiums are not easy to build. Stadiums are expensive. Amortizing the cost of a stadium over two teams makes sense.

7.I think high school administrators and school boards are, or will be, evaluating whether it makes sense to continue high school football programs. There are a number of issues to consider with respect to the health and safety of the student-athletes. I do think that it is imperative that all youth football programs emphasize proper techniques for tackling and blocking.

The Tuck Rule

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8. I think the league needs to address the preseason by reducing the number of games, reducing the price of tickets, or otherwise addressing the value proposition. The nature and quality of preseason games has evolved over the last decade or so (as roster and other rules have evolved) and, while I love the preseason, the league must address this issue.

9. I still think Brady fumbled (And before you tell me to get over it, please remember that the fun of sports is that we don’t have to get over it. #immaculatereception  #lytlefumble)


I can’t wait for kickoff