Golfer makes tasteless Michael Sam joke

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Michael Sam is the NFL's first openly gay draft prospect. (Matthew Visinsky/Icon SMI)

Steve Elkington makes tasteless Michael Sam joke on Twitter

All eyes have been on Michael Sam at the combine, as the NFL's first openly gay draft prospect attempts to prove himself to be (as he put it) Michael Sam, the football player, not just Michael Sam the gay football player.

The reaction to Sam's decision to come out as gay has been largely positive, but he's had his share of critics, as well. That group includes professional golfer Steve Elkington, who tweeted the following "joke" Tuesday morning.

This isn't Elkington's first ill-advised attempt at humor. Earlier this month he made a misogynistic comment on Twitter about a female golf writer (and then apologized, saying that he had "been drinking"); and before that, in late 2013, he made a light-hearted remark about a fatal helicopter crash in Glasgow.