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Jeff Fisher: If you want to see a dunk, go to the bar and watch basketball

Luckily, Tony Gonzalez retired before the NFL could take away his signature dunk celebration. (Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Jeff Fisher talks NFL dunk ban: If you want to see a dunk, go watch basketball

On Wednesday, the NFL passed a measure that will prohibit players from dunking the football through the field goal posts as part of their touchdown celebrations. As soon as it was announced, people voiced their displeasure with the new rule as it takes some entertainment away from the game.

Of course, there are real concerns about the game delays the dunks could cause and the NFL already had a rule that prevented players from using the ball as a prop.

St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher has heard fans complaining about the rule change, and provided some solid advice that will help them fill the void left in their hearts by the dunk-less NFL.

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“I was going through the airport leaving Orlando yesterday, going through security, and this guy was just wearing me out on the ‘No Fun League.’ Are you kidding me? He’s saying, ‘No Fun League! They should be allowed to dunk!’ And I’m like, ‘Then go to a bar and watch a basketball game. This is football,’” Fisher said Thursday on ESPN's Mike & Mike in the Morning, via PFT.

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“We’re concerned, and we had the one instance last year where it took 20-25 minutes to re-set those goal posts. It just made sense to just say we’re going to eliminate it.”



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