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Report: Chicago Bears considering switch to artificial turf at Soldier Field

Bears president Ted Phillips said Wednesday that the Chicago Bears are considering a change from grass to artificial turf in the future. The team is currently weighing the possibility of an increased injury risk. The change will not happen before the 2014-15 NFL season.
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The Chicago Bears, who have dealt with poor playing conditions at Soldier Field, are considering a change from grass to artificial turf, Bears president Ted Phillips said on the Kap and Haugh Show Wednesday.

Phillips said "at some point" in the future there is a possibility that Soldier Field changes surfaces.

Phillips said he wants to make sure the switch is the right move, due to concerns that artificial turf may lead to more injuries.

From a CSN Chicago transcription:

"Player cost is not going down - there's millions of dollars on the line every year and I want to be extra careful," Phillips said. "Because once we decide to make that change, it's never going back to grass. So, I'm currently in the process to gather the most recent data."

Soldier Field was outfitted with AstroTurf for 16 years until the organization made the switch back to natural grass in 1988.

The change would not occur before the upcoming season.

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- Sarah Barshop