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Colts owner Jim Irsay reaches plea bargain in OWI case

A Hamilton County prosecutor has announced that ​Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay reached a plea deal in his OWI case.
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A Hamilton County prosecutor announced Friday that ​Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay reached a plea deal in his OWI case, reports Mark Alesia of the Indianapolis Star.

Irsay was arrested in March on preliminary charges of operating a vehicle while intoxicated and possession of a controlled substance. In June, his license was suspended for one year because he refused a blood test after his arrest. 

Jim Irsay will have drug test results monitored by the NFL

The owner was later charged with two misdemeanor charges for the incident: one count of Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated and one count of Operating a Vehicle with a Schedule I or II Controlled Substance or its Metabolite in the Body. Reports said the substance was “oxycodone and/or hydrocodone."

Irsay's trial had been pushed to Oct. 30 before he reached the plea bargain. His plea change will be heard Sept. 2.

He has not been disciplined by the NFL yet, but the league said the situation is "under review."

- Molly Geary