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Sour Rankings: Clemons' hat-tipping play, Moore's foolish sack celebration

In the worst of the NFL's Week 12, Chris Clemons makes a hat-tipping play and Sio Moore nearly ruins the Raiders win with his excessive sack celebration.

The updated Power Rankings arrive on Wednesday. But first, the Sour Rankings take a spin through the worst of the past week in the NFL …

10. Chris Clemons makes another play: Clemons finished with three sacks and a forced fumble in Jacksonville's loss to the Colts. Oh, and one hat knock-off. (GIF via SBNation)

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9. Scalping free tickets: The Lions handed out 500 free tickets for Monday night's relocated Bills-Jets game. Scalpers wasted little time hawking at least a few of those tickets at an outrageous markup. From ESPN's Mike Rodak:

Scalpers quickly moved to sell the tickets on the streets outside the stadium, in one case asking $125 for a single ticket.

"This ain't a free game, man," one scalper said.

One factor working in the scalpers' favor: most of the secondary market online has banned resale of tickets for the game on account of their original $0 price tag. Stubhub's message reads in part, "Because this is a free event we will not be offering tickets to this event."

But this ain't a free event, man.

Mario Williams helps dig Jim Kelly out of Buffalo's snowstorm

8. Caleb Sturgis' onside kick: Miami did not even come close to recovering Sturgis' onside kick Sunday, but that does not make the play any less watchable.

Fútbol fans will recognize that attempt as a rabona -- Tottenham's Erik Labela scored a highlight-reel goal with a similar attempt last month. As Fansided's Josh Sanchez noted, Sturgis' brother, Nathan, is a professional soccer player.

It's too bad Sturgis did not get a chance to show off his unique onside kick when the Dolphins played in London earlier this year. The fans there would have appreciated the effort.

7. Jadeveon Clowney dodges a penalty: From an onside kick to an offside defender ...

This is where Clowney lined up at the snap on Andy Dalton's pick-six Sunday:


Not going to get a more obvious "lined up in the neutral zone" infraction than that. Somehow, the officials let it slide.

6. Marshawn Lynch's press conference: Seattle's running back was fined $100,000 last week for dodging the media after a loss in Kansas City. Lynch met his required duties this Sunday ... but did so quite reluctantly.

You might recall that Lynch spent Super Bowl Media Day present but unavailable, wearing sunglasses and tucking himself away in a corner for much of the event.

5. Me, for this:

So, that was wrong. Granted, the Patriots still could wind up 4-2 in that six-game gauntlet, but so far, they've steamrolled Chicago, Denver, Indianapolis and now Detroit as part of their ongoing seven-game win streak.

Based on my Twitter experience since New England's 34-9 romp over Detroit, a few Patriots fans have been waiting to toss that prediction back in my face for five weeks. Which ... fair. (Quick note: A tip of the cap to those fans who kept it to good-natured ribbing or struck up a conversation; less thanks to the few that told me to go Gronk myself.)

Patriots utilize trademark adaptation, versatility to steamroll Lions

In my defense, the stretch in which New England currently finds itself is arguably the toughest any team has all year, save for maybe Seattle's close (Arizona, at San Francisco, at Philadelphia, San Francisco, at Arizona, St. Louis). A 3-3 run would have been plenty respectable and kept the Patriots on track to win the AFC East.

Obviously, I did not see their sudden outburst coming when that tweet was sent -- shortly after New England's shaky Thursday night win over the Jets, a few weeks removed from a blowout loss in Kansas City.

But it probably won't be the last time I misfire on a prediction. Heck, just imagine if people rediscover that I picked the Saints to reach the Super Bowl.

Wait! Don't look for it! Nooooooo ...

4. J.J. Watt and a horse: After signing a $100 million contract extension back in September, Watt said he Googled the phrase, "What do rich people buy?"

Can we interest you in a horse named also named J.J. Watt?

3. Dominic Raiola: The 14-year career of Detroit's center has not been without controversy -- he once was fined for giving the middle finger to a group of Lions fans and was accused of hurling a gay slur at Wisconsin's band, among other things. The latest talking point came Sunday, at the end of a chippy loss to the Patriots.

On the last snap of the game, Raiola dove at the knees of Patriots rookie Zach Moore

"I cut him," Raiola admitted, via the Detroit Free Press. "We took a knee, so I cut the nose [tackle]. ... They went for a touchdown at two minutes. They could have took three knees and the game could have been over. It's football. He wants to keep playing football, let's play football. Not a big deal. It's football."

NESN's Doug Keyd later pointed out that Raiola gave Moore an extra shot earlier in the game, too.

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The Patriots themselves were flagged for this hit by Duron Harmon on Golden Tate -- a low block around Tate's knees following a Stafford interception. Whether or not that at all precipitated Raiola's actions is beside the point.

Raiola could face a fine or suspension from the league before Detroit's Thanksgiving Day game vs. Chicago.

BANKS: Is a Patriots-Packers Super Bowl matchup inevitable at this point?

2. That poor photographer: Sunday night, Odell Beckham Jr. turned in what may be the catch of the ... year? decade? century?

This guy had a great vantage point for it. Too bad he wasn't ready for action.

1. Sio Moore's sack celebration: The Raiders stunned the Chiefs on Thursday for their first win of 2014. But Moore nearly fouled it up with what would have been among the most boneheaded penalties in NFL history.

Fortunately for the second-year linebacker, veteran Justin Tuck and head coach Tony Sparano came to the rescue by calling a timeout.

The Mercury News' Marcus Thompson managed to catch this exchange in the locker room following the game, between Tuck, Moore and Charles Woodson:

Woodson: “What the hell was y’all doing?”

Tuck: “Did you see me? I [wanted] to punch them right in the face.”

Moore: We was doing the handshake.

Woodson: FOR TEN MINUTES????

Moore: For seven minutes, yes.