NFL teams made record $7.24 billion in national revenue last season

The NFL made $7.24 billion in national revenue last season, which was shared evenly among the 32 teams. 
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The NFL made $7.24 billion in national revenue last season, according to ESPN's Darren Rovell, meaning each team will take in $226.4 million as part of the league’s revenue sharing program. 

The financial details reveal the growing profitability of owning an NFL franchise. Five years ago, the national revenue pot was just over $3 billion, according to Rovell. The money shared by the teams mainly comes from the NFL's large television contracts with CBS, NBC, Fox and ESPN. 

The national revenue does not include other money streams such as individual teams' ticket sales.

The salary cap for the 2014 NFL season was $133 million.

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The 2015 NFL season is scheduled to being Thursday, September 10 when the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots host conference rival the Pittsburgh Steelers

- Rohan Nadkarni