Untold Super Bowl Stories: From commercials to parties, we'll cover it all here.

November 04, 2015

As part of our countdown to Super Bowl 50, SI.com is rolling out a series focusing on the overlooked, forgotten or just plain strange history of football's biggest game. From commercials to blackouts, we'll cover it all here, with new stories published every Wednesday.

(Roll over a story and hit "Open" to launch an installment.)

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  • Behind the scenes of Bud Bowl

    by Chris NashawatyOpen

  • Scabs defined SBXXII

    by Rich CohenOpen

  • Raiders' hidden hero

    by Grant CohnOpen

  • "I'm going to Disneyland!"

    by Emily KaplanOpen

  • Super Bowl cars

    by Andrew LawrenceOpen

  • SB that tore a family apart

    by Michael RosenbergOpen

  • The SI story that wasn't

    by Chris BallardOpen

  • College All-Star Classic

    by Andrew LawrenceOpen

  • The Raider who disappeared

    by Phil TaylorOpen

  • The Super Bowl blackout

    by Greg BishopOpen

  • Man behind the legend

    by Tim LaydenOpen

  • Janet Jackson aftermath

    by Austin MurphyOpen

  • Hurt in the Super Bowl

    by Jenny VrentasOpen

  • Jackie Smith opens up

    by Ben BaskinOpen

  • John Parry's perfect game

    by Jacob FeldmanOpen

  • Making multiple teams Super

    by Don BanksOpen

  • Vegas on Super Bowl Sunday

    by Kostya KennedyOpen

  • Super Bowl XLIX’s final drive

    by Greg A. BedardOpen

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