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On The Clock podcast: Dan Hatman on his Derrick Henry evaluation, more

Scouting Academy's Dan Hatman goes inside the business of NFL scouting, and defends his not-so-popular evaluation of Derrick Henry on this week's episode of the On The Clock podcast.

For amateur scouts and forward-thinking NFL fans alike, it’s time to study up for draft season with the On the Clock NFL Draft Podcast with Chris Burke, a weekly look at the prospects of the 2016 draft and the NFL teams most in need of their services.

On this week’s episode, guest Dan Hatman, the director of scouting development at the Scouting Academy and writer for, discusses the process of NFL scouting—how hard the task can be, how to break into the business and more. Also, Hatman talks about his 10 rules of NFL scouting, inspired by Bleacher Report's Matt Miller's tweet. Finally, Hatman defends his not-so-popular Derrick Henry evaluation. Why does he think the 2015 Heisman winner won't be taken until the third day? Listen below.

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