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Peyton Manning on HGH allegations: ‘This is a total fabrication’

Peyton Manning spoke with Peter King for the Monday Morning Quarterback over the weekend about report he used HGH. 

Peyton Manningspoke to The MMQB's Peter King on Sunday, strongly denying a report from Al Jazeera in which a former intern at an Indianapolis anti-aging clinic alleged HGH was sent to the Broncos star’s wife Ashley for use by the 14-time Pro Bowl quarterback.

“I can promise you this is a total fabrication,” Manning told King over the phone, his voice rising and sometimes shaking. “I simply do not understand how somebody makes up something like this and it becomes a story. And then the guy admits he made it up and it’s still a story. How exactly does that work?”

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The accusations were made by Charles Sly, who was an intern at the Guyer Institute and has since recanted all claims featured in the film “The Dark Side: Secrets of the Sports Dopers.” 

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Manning says he was a patient of the clinic in 2011 as he was recovering from a series of neck surgeries, but that all the treatments he underwent were allowed by the league.

“Every treatment I did, I did with the knowledge and cooperation of the Colts. Never did I do anything outside the rules. Damn straight I’d never do anything outside the rules. I know how hard I’ve worked to play in this league for 18 years. For this jerk [Sly] to insinuate I cut any corners, I cheated, I took shortcuts, is outrageous. Damn outrageous.”

King spoke with Manning and Al Jazeera reporter Deborah Davies, who stands behind the network’s report, for Monday’s column. Read King's full Monday Morning Quarterback column here