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Coaches with the most to prove in 2016

Who’s coaching for their job, their reputation, their career-defining playoff run, or all three at the same time? The SI staff makes the case for this season’s head coaches with the most to prove.
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Seven of the NFL’s 32 head coaches as of the 2015 regular season’s opening week had lost their jobs by the end of January. That’s after four coaches were shown the door by the end of the previous season, and after seven jobs changed hands following the 2013 season, and eight the year before that. It’s impossible to put on that headset without full awareness of the position’s high turnover rate, but coaches work under incredible pressure on a regular basis regardless of how hot their seat may be. This week,’s Chris Burke, Doug Farrar, Bette Marston, Amy Parlapiano and Don Banks will make the case for the five coaches with the most to prove in 2016, while Eric Single runs down the runner-ups.