Steelers LB James Harrison says he took random PED test amid NFL probe

Steelers linebacker end James Harrison says he took a random PED test on Tuesday.
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Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison says he had to take a random drug test for performance enhancing drugs on Tuesday.

Harrison posted a short video on Facebook Live, saying "Surprise, surprise, your boy got a random PED test today," repeating the word random several times.

Harrison, Green Bay Packers linebackers Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers and former Packers linebacker Mike Neal face suspension if they do not cooperate with the NFL's investigation on PED use after an Al-Jazeera America report accused them and Peyton Manning of taking PEDs.

They have until Aug. 25 to comply with the NFL league's requests for interviews.

"For those players whose interviews do not take place on or before [Aug. 25], or who fail meaningfully to participate in or otherwise obstruct the interview, their actions will constitute conduct detrimental and they will be suspended, separate and apart from any possible future determination that they violated the steroid policy," vice president of labor policy and league affairs Adolpho Birch wrote in a letter to the NFL Players Association.

Birch added the players will be suspended the next day and the ban won't be lifted until they cooperate with the league.

Harrison, 38, submitted an affidavit last month denying any performance-enhancing drug use, saying "that in the absence of the existence of any documented, credible evidence, this affidavit constitutes reasonable cooperation.”

Harrison previously said he would talk to the league, but only if the interview took place at his home before training camp and if NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was present at the interview.

– Scooby Axson