Drew Brees Talks NFL Investigations, Flag Football Coaching and Self-Reporting Concussions

A conversation with the New Orleans quarterback on his distrust of NFL investigations, why kids should play flag football until middle school, and why we can't rely on players to self-report concussions. Plus, the time his oldest son tried go as Odell Beckham Jr. for Halloween
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In this episode of The MMQB Podcast with Peter King, I sat down for a discussion with New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees and Seattle wide receiver Doug Baldwin. 

Brees opens up about his distrust of all NFL investigations, citing Bountygate, Ray Rice and Deflategate. He talks about the time he was pulled from a game in 2004 for a concussion and explains why players need other people looking out for their health during the game. He admits he would not have self-reported his concussion, because the game mattered and he wanted to see it through. Brees argues that kids should play flag football until middle school, and tells stories of his young sons playing flag. He also discusses how badly he wants to win another championship.

Baldwin explains how exactly he uses criticism as fuel for his game and argues that the mental side of the game is much more important than the physical side. Baldwin is one of many NFL players across the league participating in anthem demonstrations and he says that the protests aren't going to go away anytime soon. He talks about conversations with his father, a retired police officer, about how to improve police training. He argues that police training isn't wrong, but training needs to adapt to modern times.

2:15: Brees on what would have happened to New Orleans if he never came to play there.

4:15: Why he chose New Orleans over Miami.

5:45: Brees on the long-term reclamation project in New Orleans.

8:50: On what drives him to keep playing the game into old(er) age.

11:40: Brees on coaching his sons in flag football and naming position players after Marvel characters to make it fun. Son played open man Brandin 

12:20: Brees’ oldest son wanted to dress as Odell Beckham Jr. for Halloween last year.

13:50: Why kids should play flag until middle or high school. 

16:20: On concern about physical well being when he's 60 years old. 

19:00: On what Roethlisberger did last season took himself out of the game, would he have self reported? 

20:20: Brees remembers a 2004 concussion where he was pulled from the game. 

21:50: Is the NFL doing enough about player health and safety?

24:10: Will players ever accept an 18 game regular season?

25:30: Brees on the state of NFL investigations, Bountygate, Ray Rice, Deflategate.

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