Steve Young Talks Separation Anxiety, Relationship with Joe Montana

A conversation with the Super Bowl XXIX MVP about struggling through separation anxiety, his complex relationship with Joe Montana, and what he learned from his bizarre career journey
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In this episode of The MMQB Podcast with Peter King, I sat down for conversations with Super Bowl XXIX MVP Steve Young and Broncos safety T.J. Ward.

I spoke to Young on the release date of his new book, QB: My Life Behind the Spiral. It was also his 55th birthday. Young opened up about how separation anxiety made his life semi-miserable, even as an NFL MVP. He talks about what he learned from struggling with separation anxiety and the lesson he learned from it: "You have to go through this thing. If you run around this thing, it will beat you up your whole life." Young talks about his complicated relationship with Joe Montana and his bizarre journey to the top.

T.J. Ward talks about Denver's competitive fire and arguments that break out in the defensive backs meeting room. "We are all alpha dogs in the room," Ward says. He also discusses Elway as an executive and how his life changed after winning Super Bowl 50.

3:20: On how Steve might normally spend his birthday (he talked to Peter King on his 55th birthday.)

5:00: On how separation anxiety made his life semi-miserable, even as an NFL MVP.

7:20: On how going out to Utah for college helped him to battle through the anxiety.

10:00: On his work with American Indian Services.

13:00: Young on his emotional and redemptive first Super Bowl victory.

15:30: Young on his BYU coach who said left-handed quarterbacks won’t succeed.

17:10: Young on the lessons learned from his up-and-down, bizarre career journey.

18:30: Peter tells Young about his beef with Greenwich High School, Young’s alma mater.

20:00: The time that Steve Young puked Gatorade all over his agent’s shoes after one of his Super Bowl victories.

22:00: Young on going to Disney Land after he achieved his Super Bowl win.

24:20: On what Young learned about money from his experience in the USFL.

29:15: Young talks about his relationship with Joe Montana.

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