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The NFL trades that should happen before the deadline

No, the Cowboys are not going to trade Tony Romo. But here are six trades that should—and actually could—happen before next Tuesday's deadline.

The NFL trade deadline is 4 p.m. on Nov. 1. And while football isn’t exactly like baseball—you can’t just swap players, slide them into the lineup and expect them to perform at a high level—there are some moves that are crying out to be made for contenders and pretenders alike. What follows is a realistic list of trades that I’d like to see done over the next week. You won’t see the likes of Tony Romo or Joe Haden on the list because their contracts basically make them untradeable (Romo) or difficult to deal (Haden). Either the dead money for their former team would be too much, or a new team wouldn’t have the cap room. And some teams that could use the help, like the Vikings and Cowboys, don’t have the cap room to acquire a marquee player in most cases. Below, I outline six deals involving top players that would benefit both teams. These aren’t the only deals I’d like to see done, and more will undoubtedly be made, but it’s a look a some of the feasible ones that could—or should—go down by 4 p.m. next Tuesday.