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Which NFL Quarterback Has Been to the Most Super Bowls?

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Quarterbacks might be judged by Super Bowl victories more than anything else. Reaching multiple Super Bowls—and ideally winning at least one—is the type of feat that earns you a place in football lore. 

Twenty quarterbacks have made multiple Super Bowl appearances, including two quarterbacks in this year's playoffs: Tom Brady (9) and Russell Wilson (2). Brady's nine appearances are the most ever by a quarterback and the most all time by any player. 

Below is a complete list of quarterbacks who have appeared in multiple Super Bowls.

9 appearances- Tom Brady (6-3)

5 appearances- John Elway (2-3)

4 appearances- Terry Bradshaw (4-0), Joe Montana (4-0), Roger Staubach (2-2), Peyton Manning (2-2), Jim Kelly (0-4)

3 appearances- Troy Aikman (3-0), Bob Griese (2-1), Ben Roethlisberger (2-1), Kurt Warner (1-2), Fran Tarkenton (0-3)

​2 appearances- Bart Starr (2-0), Jim Plunkett (2-0), Eli Manning (2-0), Len Dawson (1-1), Joe Thiesmann (1-1), Brett Favre (1-1), Russell Wilson (1-1), Craig Morton (0-2)

-Daniel Rapaport