The Hue Jackson Foundation’s first initiative is building a facility to assist human trafficking victims.

By Jeremy Woo
July 21, 2017

Browns head coach Hue Jackson and his wife Michelle launched The Hue Jackson Foundation on Thursday night, with the aim of fighting human trafficking in the Cleveland area, reports.

Jackson’s foundation will construct a 12-bed facility in conjunction with the Salvation Army to treat victims. Jackson and his wife are parents of three daughters, which they said led to their interest in the matter, “an issue that kind of goes uncovered,” as Jackson put it.

“There are elements of this that we've seen first-hand,” Jackson said after a presentation about trafficking in this area. “A lot of different areas in this realm that we're talking about, we've witnessed and have been privy to, so it's something that me and Michelle really discussed at length about what direction to go in and this is where it led our hearts.”

According to, there are estimated fewer than 100 beds available across the country available exclusively to an estimated 100,000 annual victims.

"We wanted to find something that we can make a huge impact in, not something that we just put our hands in or put our foot in. We're all in. We rolled up our sleeves and we're going to dive in and we want to make a difference in this area,” Jackson said.

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