The anger runs deep.

By Jeremy Woo
September 07, 2017

The NFL season is upon us, and given that the Patriots are playing in the season opener, you will no doubt see many fans of the Patriots on television.

Many of those fans may be holding signs or saying angry things or generally expressing their displeasure toward Roger Goodell. As you may have weaned from the title of this post, New England fans don’t like the commissioner.

Now, as a baseline, let’s remember that most NFL fans hate Roger Goodell, whose extremely loose application of disciplinary rules and generally bumbling disposition leaves a distinct sort of ennui hanging over the league whenever he gets involved.

But for Patriots fans, it’s more venomous.

There was Deflategate, the protracted witch hunt surrounding football inflation that led to a protracted legal process involving Tom Brady who was suspended, and then not suspended, and then suspended again, missing the first four games of last season. So many things happened. Most of us can agree that situation was bungled, but most of us have moved on.

Not Patriots fans, who can be a salty bunch, never mind that they still won the Super Bowl and all that.

For what it’s worth, there’s a prop bet for consecutive seconds Patriots fans boo Goodell on Thursday. The over-under is 35.5...

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