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Colin Kaepernick Spoke With Meek Mill, Promises to Continue Fighting Against Harsh Sentencing

Colin Kaepernick says that Meek Mill is humbled by the support that the people have shown him. 

Free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick says that he spoke with rapper Meek Mill in prison. 

Mill, 30, was sentenced from two to four years in prison last week for violating probation in a 2008 gun and drug case. The prosecutor called for no prison time. The Common Pleas Judge determined that Mill had wasted several chances to clean up his act.

"Spoke to Meek Mill & he wanted ppl to know regardless of his unjust situation, he’s in good spirits & humbled by the support the people have shown him," Kaepernick tweeted. "We'll continue to fight against the harsh sentencing practices that have affected Meek & millions of other POC for generations."

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Kaepernick had previously voiced his support for Mill with a photo on Twitter with the message: ""Sadly there are Black folks going through the same radicalized injustice(s) within the justice system that Meek Mill has experienced for over a decade EVERY SINGLE DAY. This requires more than just gradual reform in laws—It requires a swift overhaul."

Mill is currently in a medium-security prison in Chester, Pa., and is not eligible for parole for at least two years.

Former Philadelphia 76ers star Julius Erving and Philadelphia Eagles star Malcolm Jenkins were present at a rally to protest Mill's imprisonment.