Watch: Eagles Teammates Rip On 'Slow As S---' Jay Ajayi

Jay Ajayi was caught from behind on a long run, so his teammates let him have it. 
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In the third quarter of the Eagles' 37-9 beat down of the Cowboys on Sunday night, running back Jay Ajayi took the ball from Carson Wentz on a draw play, bounced to the outside past the left tackle and found nothing but open field ahead. He appeared to be headed for the pay dirt before he was caught from behind by Cowboys safety Byron Jones.

All in all, it ended up being a 71 yard-run and the Eagles scored later on the drive, but the simple fact of the matter is Ajayi, who was acquired via trade form the Dolphins mid-season, was caught from behind. That's always a little embarrassing, and it appears Ajayi's new teammates feel comfortable enough around him to mercilessly rip his "slow ass." 

From Showtime's "Inside The NFL":

"Get your slow ass over here!" is how his teammates welcomed him to the sideline after a 71-yard gain. "You slow as shit!"

To his credit, Ajayi didn't take it too seriously. 

"They gonna lower my speed on Madden for that," the third-year back said.

My personal favorite exchange is when Ajayi asks his fellow running back Kenjon Barner if he at least looked like he was moving quickly. To which Barner responded:

"No! Unhook the trailer. Y'all slow ass. That's a damn shame. You an embarrassment." 

The chiding was all in good fun, of course, and it's easy to have a good time when you're 9-1, as the Eagles are. Barner does, however, have what it takes to back up the trash talk to Ajayi—Barner ran a 4.39 at Oregon's pro day in 2013 while Ajayi only managed 4.57 at the NFL combine in 2015.