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Tom Brady Apologizes For Yelling At Josh McDaniels On The Sideline

Tom Brady apologized for chewing out Josh McDaniels on the sidelines.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady apologized publicly Saturday for yelling at offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels during Sunday's game against the Buffalo Bills. 

“One thing I do want to say first, I want to apologize to Josh for last week in Buffalo," Brady said. "know our coaches work really hard and you know, they’re responsible for, putting us in a great position to succeed. I just want to get that off my chest.”

“Yeah, but a lot of people see it and think the nature of our relationship would be something like that, but it’s really the exact opposite of that,” he added. “I just felt, been feeling bad all week and haven’t had a chance to say it. He knows how much I love him.”

In the first quarter, Brady came off the field after a drive ended with the Patriots 11 yards out of a first down. The broadcast cameras panned over to the sidelines and caught Brady yelling at McDaniels for a few seconds.

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Brady and McDaniels were later seen talking in a much calmer manner.

The Patriots take on the Dolphins on Monday.