Watch: Ron Rivera Breaks Down Panthers With 'Mr. Richardson on 3'

Richardson announced that he's selling the team amidst an investigation into his workplace misconduct.
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After securing a victory over the Buccaneers that clinched a playoff berth, Panthers coach Ron Rivera broke his team down with a "Mr. Richardson on 3' chant. 

"Just remember guys this is about team, everything we do is about team, most important thing is about team, okay?" Rivera says in a video released on the Panthers' website

"Alright, do me a favor, Mr. Richardson on 3."

Amid an NFL investigation into alleged workplace misconduct, Panthers owner Jerry Richardson announced on Dec. 17 that he will sell the team after the completion of the 2018 season. He released a statement through the team outlining his plan to sell, but the statement did not acknowledge the accusations made against him.

Richardson and the Panthers organization made multiple payouts for workplace misconduct, including sexual harassment and the use of a racial slur toward a scout who has since left the team, sources told Sports Illustrated. The settlements contained non-disclosure agreements that prevented the parties from discussing the details of what occurred.

Panthers quarterback Cam Newon told reporters on Wednesday that he was 'disgruntled' because he does not want Richardson to sell the team. While he said he takes sexual assault "extremely serious," Newton said that he did not believe Richardson should have to sell based solely on accusations.