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Watch: DeAndre Hopkins Submits Candidate for Catch of the Year

The Texans can't do much offensively, but DeAndre Hopkins stays a killer. 

The Texans have been absolutely miserable in their Christmas Day game against the Steelers. Houston couldn't get anything going offensively behind pretty terrible quarterback play from T.J. Yates and a rookie named Taylor Heinicke. 

The guy who's getting the short end of the stick here is DeAndre Hopkins, who is one of the league's best receivers. He'll catch pretty much anything you throw to him—within reason—but he's been held back by really spotty quarterback play since Deshaun Watson went down. 

Hopkins reminded everyone just how special he is and rewarded those who were still watching a 27-point game on Christmas with what might have been the catch of the year. 

That is a ridiculous amount of coordination. To be able to stay with the ball with a defender falling all over you, have the presence of mind to switch to your left and and still get both feet down. Jeez. 

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Watson, who is surely salivating thinking about what he and Watson can accomplish next year, was pretty impressed. 

Next season can't come soon enough, as the Watson-Hopkins duo should light the league up.