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On the Monday Morning NFL Podcast, Andy Benoit and Gary Gramling discussed why Blake Bortles is probably still the best option for the Jaguars…

GARY: The headline of Texans-Jaguars was Blake Bortles, benched in favor of Cody Kessler. Bortles lost two fumbles in this game, one of them was absolutely ugly on a scramble deep in his own territory. It’s unclear what they are doing going forward at this point, but gosh, both of these guys look like really bad options right now.

ANDY: Doug Marrone basically said it was a move to galvanize the offense, which would lift some of the culpability off of Bortles. Have we ever heard a coach, right after benching a QB, basically say it wasn’t all about the QB? I thought the whole thing was weird. When I heard he was benched, I started looking up my Kessler notes: He’s a timing-and-rhythm player, which is a nice way of saying he doesn’t have a big arm. And then I hear what Marrone’s saying. The whole thing just feels like Bortles will be back next week like nothing ever happened.

GARY: That’s my sense, and I think it’s the right move. Cody Kessler belongs in the NFL, but he’s a low-end No. 2 quarterback. He doesn’t offer a whole lot of ability to push the ball downfield or have any sort of explosive presence in an offense. The Jaguars need to be dominant defensively again. They were better defensively in this game—as they should be against that Texans offensive line—but they weren’t quite at the level were a year ago. Jalen Ramsey is getting on the wrong side of the highlights a little too often. If the defense gets going and the run game gets going, it makes it all a little easier to swallow some inconsistent quarterback play. I guess it’s just a question of: Do you take the constant C-minus type performance you get from a Cody Kessler or do you want Bortles, where occasionally you get a B-plus/A-minus type guy and every once in a while you get that F performance?

ANDY: See, this is what it means to be a run-based team and a defense-oriented team. You can play around your quarterback then. You don’t have to ask him to do certain things. This wasn’t necessarily in this game, we’re talking Jacksonville in the bigger picture, but when your defense has been up and down, you have to start asking different things of your QB. We talked about it with Blake Bortles North, Mitchell Trubisky. You start thinking differently and then you start playing differently. Bortles has been such a thinking man’s, mechanical passer. There’s no question that there’s a huge overlap between his mechanics and his comfort level as he sees the field. That’s why he’s such a streaky player. To answer your question, Gary, I think I take the A and the B Bortles with the understanding that sometimes you’re going to get an F. I take that versus finding me a C-minus, maybe even D-plus type of guy, if we’re talking starter expectations. That’s what Cody Kessler would give you. Let’s remember this part too: Jacksonville does not have a great running game. We think they do because they drafted Leonard Fournette high; now it’s Carlos Hyde coming in. He didn’t play today, but he’ll be the guy next week. They don’t have an overpowering offensive line. It’s better than a year ago, but it does not win you games week in and week out so you do have to get something from your QB, which means the talent at quarterback matters.

GARY: They will have to figure it out as they head to London for the early kickoff against the Eagles next Sunday.

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