Two different Patriots special teamers leaped into the endzone to save a punt from landing in the endzone.  

By Alaa Abdeldaiem
December 16, 2018

The New England Patriots' special teams went above and beyond to make sure the Pittsburgh Steelers were backed up on their own goal line to start a second-quarter drive.

Down 14–7 with 8:32 left in the first half, the Patriots' Ryan Allen punted a 52-yarder that landed near the 10-yard line before bouncing into the Steelers end zone.

Before the ball could land, however, New England special teamer Jonathan Jones leaped into the end zone, tipped the ball to Rex Burkhead and gave Nicholas Grigsby a chance to down the ball at the one-yard line. Matthew Slater's hop to avoid contact with the ball only added to the team's stellar awareness on the play.

Both the Patriots (9–4) and Steelers (7–5–1) are trying to secure spots in the AFC playoff race.

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