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Bucs QB Ryan Fitzpatrick Thought His Madden NFL Rating Was Too High

That's not a complaint EA Sports usually hears.

EA Sports' Madden NFL is one of the most popular video games around and professional players often like to play themselves on screen.

While some NFL players like to complain that their ratings are too low, one quarterback thinks his is too high, according to ESPN.

When Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Ryan Fitzpatrick met Dustin Smith, Madden's lead ratings adjuster, he told Smith his rating was higher than he thought it should be.

"And then just walked off," Smith said. "That was, by far, the weirdest one I've ever gotten. It's on of my favorite stories."

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When asked about the conversation, Fitzpatrick told ESPN he didn't remember it but thought he might have been referring to his speed. Fitzpatrick had three consecutive 400-yard games to start the season, so Smith never lowered the quarterback's rating.

EA Sports sends Ratings Performance Adjusters to NFL games across the country to collect information to help keep the game's ratings current each week. The positions are unpaid second jobs for EA Sports employees who want to help out. Travel and related expenses are covered. Smith helped put together the team that reports back to him on what they noticed during the games.

Adjusters wear black jackets with EA Sports and their job title on it, which makes it easy for fans and players to notice them at games.

Fitzpatrick wasn't the only Bucs player to approach Smith that day about his rating. Safety Keith Tandy felt his awareness rating was too low and asked for it be raised. He suggested his acceleration could be lowered to justify a raised rating elsewhere. Smith was impressed with Tandy's bargaining tactics and made some adjustments.