Collinsworth went back to his roots this week on Sunday Night Football.

By Alaa Abdeldaiem
December 23, 2018

Just one week after shocking the world with an audible, Cris Collinsworth went back to his signature slide-in from the right side before this week's Sunday Night Football matchup.

The Cris Collinsworth slide—in which the former Cincinnati Bengals receiver enters the picture alongside broadcast partner Al Michaels on Sunday Night Football—has become a big deal among many viewers.

Last week, NBC threw them a curveball, giving Collinsworth the opportunity to slide in from the left.

There were no surprises this week, however. Right on cue, Collinsworth entered his spotlight from the right.

As disappointing as it is to see the left-slide die as soon as it came to life, Collinsworth's return to a right-side entrance should've been expected. After all, old habits do die hard.

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