Both team's players will get paid for appearing in the Super Bowl, but the championship winner will take home an even larger check.

By Emily Caron
February 03, 2019

The Rams and Patriots will meet at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta for Super Bowl LIII on Sunday. The winner of this year's championship will walk away with the Lombardi Trophy and $118,000 in the bank, according to the CBA.

Players on the losing team in 2019 will still make $59,000 from the NFL, paid by the league through a designated postseason fund as opposed to being paid by their individual teams.

Those numbers are in addition to the $54,000 each player of a Super Bowl contender will have gotten from winning their respective conference championship, plus whatever was earned in the postseason leading up to their conference championship appearance.

The NFL pays every player on the 53-man active roster an identical amount per postseason appearance and/or win regardless of impact or performance, except for in conference championship games and the Super Bowl, where the payout becomes more nuanced depending on a player's most recent participation.

Players will be paid within 15 days after the Super Bowl.

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