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Ted Rath, Sean McVay's 'Get-Back Coach,' Will Miss Super Bowl LIII

Ted Rath, McVay's "get-back coach," did not travel with the Rams to Atlanta after undergoing a recent medical procedure.

Rams head coach Sean McVay will have to be careful where he steps during Super Bowl LIII because one important member of his staff won't be on the sidelines with him.

Ted Rath, McVay's "get-back coach," did not travel with the Rams to Atlanta because he is recovering from a "recent medical procedure," according to

"It's tough because he's such a great competitor and he's so instrumental in us getting here," McVay said about Rath. "We love him. I know the players and coaches miss him when he's not here with us, but he's with us in spirit."

Rath also missed the NFC Championship Game two weeks ago against the Saints. He is expected to make a full recovery and rejoin the team soon.

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The Rams' director of strength training and performance becomes McVay's "get-back coach" on game day, pulling McVay off the field and out of the officials' way when he wanders astray or lets his emotions lead him too far from the sidelines.

Rath's Sunday role literally involves following McVay on the sidelines to ensure that the Rams don't get any penalties for his positioning—and to ensure the coach's safety during games. If McVay gets too close to the chalk line on the field, Rath redirects him.

McVay said assistant strength and conditioning coach Dustin Woods, who filled in for Rath during the NFC title game, will serve as his "get-back coach" during the Super Bowl.

"Dustin will be my backup get-back guy, so he'll be pulling me back," McVay said. "And hopefully, I have a little bit more self-control."

Kickoff for Super Bowl LIII between the Rams and Patriots is slated for 6:30 p.m. ET on CBS.