Rams chose to defer to the second half.

By Jenna West
February 03, 2019

The Super Bowl is finally here, and every gambling fan will be on the edge of their seat for the next three and half hours wondering if they're going to make (or lose) any money Sunday night.

The coin toss remains one of the most popular aspects of the Super Bowl to bet on. Sportsbook William Hill set Super Bowl LIII's coin toss odds for both heads and tails at -105.

This year, the Los Angeles Rams won the Super Bowl LIII coin toss and chose to defer to the second half. The coin landed on tails after the Patriots picked heads. 

New England won the flip last year after the Eagles picked tails and the coin landed on heads.

Interestingly, the coin landed on tails four straight times from Super Bowl XLVIII to Super Bowl LI. The previous five tosses were all heads.

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