What color of Gatorade will be poured on the Super Bowl-winning coach this year?

By Jenna West
February 03, 2019

Watching the Super Bowl is one of America's favorite annual traditions. But for the team that wins the game, most like to douse their coach in Gatorade on the sidelines to celebrate the big moment.

The Gatorade shower has become so popular for fans that some like to bet on what color will be poured on coaches. Check out the odds for this year's Super Bowl Gatorade color, as of Jan. 22 on Bovada:

Lime/Green/Yellow: +225

Orange: + 300

Blue: +375

Red: + 400

Clear/Water: +400

Purple: +1000

Tradition history

The legend of the Gatorade bath seems to have started at different times depending on who you ask, according to Rolling Stone. Some people claim it began with the Giants in October of 1984, while others say the team started it in October of 1985. In both instances, people seem to agree that the Giants drenched coach Bill Parcells in games against the Washington Redskins. The Bears also got in on the tradition early by pouring Gatorade on coach Mike Ditka on Nov. 25, 1984, per the Los Angeles Times.

According to Rolling Stone, Giants nose tackle Jim Burt was angry at head coach Bill Parcells and decided to drench his coach in the drink following their 37–13 victory over the Redskins in 1984. Burt pulled it off with help from teammate Harry Carson, who had a good relationship with Parcells. Burt figured Parcells wouldn't be as mad about the stunt if Carson was involved. Parcells took the Gatorade bath in stride, later saying, "It's fun. It's not all life and death."

Parcells went on to receive the first Super Bowl Gatorade shower in 1987, after the Giants defeated the Broncos 39–20. Carson put on a yellow security jacket as a disguise and snuck up behind Parcells to dump the drink on him. Since then, the tradition has gone on to become a permanent fixture in football and other sports' celebrations.

Here's a complete list of the Super Bowl Gatorade colors since Super Bowl XXXV, per Oddsshark.com:

Super Bowl XXXV: Yellow, Ravens def. Giants

Super Bowl XXXVI: None, Patriots def. Rams

Super Bowl XXXVII: Purple, Buccaneers def. Raiders

Super Bowl XXXVIII: None, Patriots def. Panthers

Super Bowl XXXIX: Clear, Patriots def. Eagles

Super Bowl XL: Clear, Steelers def. Seahawks

Super Bowl XLI: Clear, Colts def. Bears

Super Bowl XLII: Clear, Giants def. Patriots

Super Bowl XLIII: Yellow, Steelers def. Cardinals

Super Bowl XLIV: Orange, Saints def. Colts

Super Bowl XLV: Orange, Packers def. Steelers

Super Bowl XLVI: Purple, Giants def. Patriots

Super Bowl XLVII: None, Ravens def. 49ers

Super Bowl XLVIII: Orange, Seahawks def. Broncos

Super Bowl XLVIX: Blue, Patriots def. Seahawks

Super Bowl 50: Orange, Broncos def. Panthers

Super Bowl LI: None, Patriots def. Falcons

Super Bowl LII: Yellow, Eagles def. Patriots

Patriots coach Bill Belichick has won five Super Bowls and somehow managed to escape the Gatorade bath some years. Will he get doused or run away from the bucket this year if the Patriots win again?

The Rams and Patriots will face off in Super Bowl LIII on Sunday, Feb. 3. Kickoff is slated for 6:30 p.m. ET on CBS.

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