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Mercedes-Benz Stadium had not seen a missed field goal before Sunday.

By Alaa Abdeldaiem
February 03, 2019

Tony Romo saw Jim Nantz's jinx coming.

With Super Bowl LIII still scoreless with five minutes left in the first quarter, Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski lined up to attempt a 46-yard field goal at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Before the kick, Nantz noted that kickers went 31 of 31 this season at the venue.

Romo immediately followed by predicting that Nantz would jinx that trend. Gostowski then missed the field goal.

Romo is well-known for his broadcast predictions. After the AFC Championship, SI's Jimmy Traina wrote Romo had put on "one of the greatest shows you'll ever see" during a football game. 

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