Tuesday's celebratory parade marked the city's sixth celebration for a Patriots win in 18 years.

By Emily Caron
February 05, 2019

The City of Boston celebrated the Patriots' 13–3 Super Bowl victory over the Rams with a duck boat parade Tuesday.

Sunday night's championship marked quarterback Tom Brady's sixth Super Bowl win–and the city's sixth celebratory parade for the Patriots in 18 years.

The parade kicked off at 11 a.m. from the Hynes Convention Center, but fans were ready to go well before then.

....as was Tom Brady's boat.

Owner Robert Kraft showed up in style with a gift from Meek Mill, while Brady showed up with his very own light saber.

Gronk (with the help of what looked like a full bottle of wine) was getting fired up as the parade progressed, giving a little air guitar to the crowd with girlfriend Camille Kostek by his side.

Brady also proved that he can catch anything, even rolls of flying toilet paper, while Gronk confirmed that he does in fact like beverages.

Gronk got even more...well, Gronk, as the parade continued. 

Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman took to Twitter after the celebration to acknowledge the city's insanity.

Which Bostonian's appropriately followed with a fight.

Never fear, Patriots' fans redeemed themselves by helping an ambulance that got stuck in the mud while attempting to attend to a person needing medical attention during the parade.

In addition to Tuesday's celebrations, New England got the Duck Boat treatment in 2002 after Super Bowl XXXVI, 2004 after Super Bowl XXXVIII, 2005 after Super Bowl XXXIX, 2015 after Super Bowl XLIX and in 2017 after New England's comeback overtime win in Super Bowl LI.

Some fans have gotten used to the celebrations.

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority estimates that Tuesday has already recorded the highest ridership ever as transit delays took over the morning.

The parade also marked the city's second celebration within the past calendar year, after the Red Sox beat the Dodgers in the World Series in five games.

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