Kelce's wife said he didn't have a scanner or printer in his house. 

By Alaa Abdeldaiem
March 02, 2019

Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce agreed to terms on a one-year contract extension through 2021, but the veteran player had to go an extra few miles to make the deal official on Saturday.

Kelce is an All-Pro center, a Super Bowl champion and the league's top-paid center in average annual salary, but he apparently has never felt the need to spend money on products like scanners and printers. According to his wife, Kelce had to sign his contract at a nearby UPS Store because he didn't have either one at his house.

In Kelce's defense, who hasn't had an experience like this during their college days?

Here's to hoping our next visit to UPS also involves signing on for $11 million.

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