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XFL Considering Allowing Multiple Forward Passes Per Play

XFL commissioner Oliver Luck said he believes the rule change would make officiating easier on referees.

The XFL is considering a rule change that would allow multiple forward passes per play.

During an appearance on this week's ProFootball Talk PM podcast, XFL commissioner Oliver Luck said the league is "toying with the idea" of making it legal to throw a forward pass multiple times on a given play as long as the ball does not pass the line of scrimmage.

If the XFL adopts the rule, a quarterback would presumably be allowed to throw the ball again if he has the ball batted back to him on the first attempt. Quarterbacks in the NFL can only run with the ball when that happens. The rule would also allow three or more total throws per play, with the final throw taking place behind the line of scrimmage.

Luck added that the rule change would make officiating easier on referees, as they would simply have to determine whether the initial throw passed the line of scrimmage. Currently in the NFL, officials must also determine if the ball moved forward or backward on the pass.

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