Packers Made Paul McCartney a Shareholder at His Lambeau Field Concert

McCartney received a special gift when he played his concert at Lambeau Field.
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Paul McCartney seems like the kind of man who must own everything, and now he can say he has a piece of the Packers too.

Before McCartney played his concert at Lambeau Field last Saturday, Packers president and CEO Mark Murphy gave the former Beatle a stock certificate, according to the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

Murphy also presented McCartney with a game ball to commemorate his first time playing in Green Bay, which gave the singer the perfect chance to show off his arm.

"I didn’t realize he was left-handed," Murphy said. "He threw a pass with his left hand, and [Packers vice president of marketing and fan engagement] Gabrielle Valdez Dow made a perfect catch."

McCartney sold out the show with a crowd of nearly 50,000 people and delivered one of the best performances Packers fans have seen in years.

Now he's officially a part of the franchise and can add NFL team shareholder to the long list of achievements fit for Sir Paul McCartney.