Tom Brady and Peyton Manning Are ... Friends?

Brady and Manning faced off 17 times during their careers.
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Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are apparently friends.

The longtime Patriots quarterback shared a selfie with Manning on social media on Wednesday with the caption, "Spoiler alert...we were friends this whole time. Always great to see you Peyton!"

The two are often compared in the never-ending debate over the best quarterback of all time and had one of the greatest rivalries in NFL history.

Their rivalry stretched from Brady’s debut as a starter in 2001 through Manning’s retirement at the end of the 2015 season. The quarterbacks faced off 17 times during their careers. Brady– a six-time Super Bowl champion –and the Patriots emerged with an 11–6 edge in the all-time head-to-head series. Manning won one Super Bowl with the Colts and a second with the Broncos.

Manning and Brady have a history at taking jabs at one another and have always seen one another as competitors (think back to one particular Deflategate email...) but a mutual respect has clearly been maintained. Manning's retirement might've helped that friendship but...that's just a guess.