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Roger Goodell Warns of 'Disciplinary Action' for Public Discussion of NFL Draft Timing

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell warned of "disciplinary action," against teams that criticize the timing of the league's draft in a memo distributed on Thursday. 

"The [NFL Management Council Executive Committee] was unanimous and unequivocal that the Draft should go forward as scheduled on April 23-25," Goodell wrote. "Public discussion of issues relating to the Draft serves no useful purpose and is grounds for disciplinary action."

The NFL announced on Tuesday it will hold the 2020 draft between April 23-25. All team facilities are currently closed, but the NFL said each team is, "free to conduct all normal business operations, including signing players, evaluating draft-eligible prospects, selling tickets, and other activities to prepare for the 2020 season."

The draft is currently slated to be conduction via studio, per the Los Angeles Times. It was previously going to be held in Las Vegas.

The NBA, NHL and MLB—among other leagues worldwide—have all suspended their seasons indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic. The NCAA, meanwhile, has canceled all spring sports

There are more than 530,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus globally across at least 168 countries.