Cam Newton Is Being Disrespected: Unchecked

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I’d like to show you a tweet from the Carolina Panthers.

Do you notice anyone missing? It is my personal belief that the only league MVP in team history who led them to a 15-1 record and a Super Bowl with Ted Ginn as his top wide receiver should be included there. Don't you think? As the first name that comes to mind for me when it comes to the Panthers franchise is Cam Newton.

And at this point, Cam is being plain disrespected.

To be frank, I don’t know what Newton has left in the tank. When last seen he did appear to be a shell of himself. So it is completely fair to question whether he can ever be close to the same QB he once was. Not to mention, his skillset isn’t quite as plug and play and some others may be. But given what he has done in the past, Cam certainly deserves an opportunity to prove he is healthy and can help a team.

Cam Newton is one of the best players I’ve ever watched. As far as individual impact, he has few peers at quarterback, and really period. The guy did average over 20 touchdowns through the air and more than seven on the ground before last season. And that do it all ability clearly took its toll on him. But now he’s had time off to get right, refreshed, and motivated. 

So obviously he should’ve been included on the list of greatest Carolina Panthers ever—a list he should be atop.

But he should be on another NFL team’s list as well. Because, at the very least, Cam Newton deserves a shot.