Dak Prescott's Absence Will Prove His Value to Cowboys: Unchecked

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Dak Prescott’s absence will prove his value. As it’s really easy to criticize Dak until he becomes Andy Dalton. 

Because while the Dallas Cowboys had problems even when Prescott was in the lineup, he wasn’t one of them. In the four full games Dak played, he averaged 423 yards passing and Dallas scored over 30 points per contest. In the first one without him, they put just 10 on the board. 

Of course, that’s not all on Dalton, the NFC East leaders are simply not a good team, which goes for defense and even Ezekiel Elliott, who has fumbled everything but the bag. For all the talk about what Dak was asking for, Zeke’s is the contract the Cowboys likely regret. 

Record is not a quarterback stat but Dak probably deserves a little more credit for the 42-27 mark the Cowboys amassed with him under center. What’s funny about the situation in Dallas is that generally, we talk about teams that are a QB away, in their case, it seems like the flaws in management and roster have actually been mitigated by the quarterback play—meaning Dak and before him Tony Romo. Which could wind up being a big indictment on Jerry Jones and company. 

As far as Prescott is concerned, I said all offseason that good quarterbacks are hard to find. Well, he is certainly that, as will be shown watching the Cowboys play without him, and then again when he eventually returns to the field, wherever he is under contract.