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NBC's Steve Kornacki to Appear on Football Night in America for Rest of Season

After a much-anticipated debut last weekend, MSNBC and NBC News political correspondent Steve Kornacki will appear on the network's Football Night in America pregame show throughout the rest of the regular season, the network announced on Wednesday. 

Kornacki, who received high praise in early November for his real-time analysis throughout MSNBC's 2020 election coverage, explained the AFC and NFC postseason picture last Sunday during NBC's pregame and halftime shows. He did so, of course, standing in front of a big touch screen, wearing his khakis and with rolled-up papers in hand.

Kornacki will analyze the NFL playoff probabilities for the rest of the season. 

"So grateful for the chance to keep tracking the playoff race the rest of the way," Kornacki said in a tweet.

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Kornacki grew up a Patriots fan and told NBC Sports' Peter King that he was asked if he wanted to appear on NBC's football telecast about a week after the presidential election..

“This feels like the Road to 270, except this is for the playoffs,” Kornacki told King. “We did a segment tonight where we were talking about the Cardinals falling to the eighth spot in the playoffs, and Minnesota moves into number seven, but the model still likes Arizona’s chances over Minnesota. It’s like looking at, Well you know in Michigan, right now, Trump is 12 points ahead—but if you look at the ballots that are still to be counted, where they’re coming from, it says Biden.” It’s a very similar thing to election night. I felt it right away.”

The Bills host the Steelers in this week's Sunday night game.