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Antoine Winfield Jr.'s Super Bowl Interception Is Another Reminder of How Old Tom Brady Is

Antoine Winfield Sr. once intercepted Tom Brady, and now, his son has snagged the first interception in Super Bowl LV for Brady's Buccaneers.

That's right. Brady is now old enough that he is playing with different generations, but this time, the son is on his side. Antoine Winfield Jr., a rookie for Tampa Bay, secured the first interception for Super Bowl LV halfway through the third quarter.  

Winfield Sr. spent 14 years in the league as a cornerback, and while with the Buffalo Bills, he picked off Brady in 2001 during the quarterback's first year as a starter. However, Winfield Sr. never reached the Super Bowl in five years in Buffalo or the nine with the Vikings. 

His son, however, changed that. When the Bucs topped Green Bay in the NFC championship game, Winfield Jr. called his dad once he got to the locker room. 

“He was yelling and screaming,” Winfield Jr. said to Yahoo Sports. “He was more excited than I was.”

Now, the rookie is on track to make his father's dream come true and help Brady get his seventh ring. Tampa Bay leads the Chiefs 31-9 at the beginning of the fourth quarter. 

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