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Report: Deshaun Watson Answered Questions Under Oath in Two Civil Depositions

Editors note: This story contains accounts of sexual assault. If you or someone you know is a survivor of sexual assault, contact the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-4673 or at

Deshaun Watson sat through two more civil depositions on Tuesday, but unlike on Friday, he reportedly answered questions under oath, according to KHOU11’s Jason Miles.

“This was the first case where he actually answered questions,” Tony Buzbee, the attorney representing all 22 women, said per KHOU11. “We talked about two of the plaintiffs, we have about 18 to go.”

Although the quarterback will not face criminal charges, there are still 22 active civil lawsuits filed against him that allege sexual harassment and assault. The graphic accounts range from Watson allegedly refusing to cover his genitals to forcing women to put his penis in their mouths. 

The same day the grand jury returned nine “no” bills on nine criminal complaints, Watson was deposed in relation to the civil lawsuits against him. He reportedly invoked his Fifth Amendment right in those proceedings.

Per court documents, Watson allegedly contacted the plaintiffs via social media, most often Instagram. Search warrants were reportedly issued last year for access to all platforms owned by Facebook, including Instagram, Cash App and Snapchat. 

Buzbee said, per Miles, on Tuesday that he questioned the quarterback about deleting the social media messages. According to the attorney, “[Watson] told us that he took it upon himself to delete them. He wouldn’t tell me when he deleted them."

Watson’s attorney, Rusty Hardin, defended the quarterback, saying in part, “This guy has over a million followers, okay, and so if he’s not having a relationship or contact with people, then he deletes.”

As the civil proceedings continue, multiple teams have expressed interest in trading for Watson, including the Saints, Browns, Falcons and Panthers. However, the NFL’s investigation into Watson for violating the league’s personal conduct policy is still ongoing, and he could still face suspension.

Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer previously reported that multiple teams have gone as far as to hire private investigators to keep an eye on the cases and Watson’s situation from the ground in Houston. 

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