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A.J. Brown Shares Statement on Threats From Fans After Trade

Wide receiver A.J. Brown was traded to from the Titans to the Eagles in a shocking move during the NFL draft on Thursday, April 28.

When a star player like Brown leaves a team, fans tend to get upset about losing him. However, Brown admitted on social media this week that some fans took it too far by sending him death threats.

In a message Brown shared to Twitter on Friday, the 24-year-old apologized for letting fans down, but emphasized that he had to put himself and his family first. 

“I’m so sorry I let down your kids and many others but I will not put myself in a place where my peace is going to be threatened by adults who feel a way because I was traded,” Brown started.

Based on his message, it appears that Brown has received hate in person, not just on social media.

“I’m a man first and I will always do what I feel is right for me and my family,” Brown said. “People are upset and that’s fine but it’s not that serious when it comes to me. People can disrespect me on social media and that’s fine but being disrespectful to my face is whole another thing and I’m not tolerating it on any level.”

While Brown hasn’t dove too deep into what issues he dealt with while with Tennessee beyond a well-publicized contract dispute, he noted that the move to Philadelphia was the best for him mentally. He pleaded for fans to understand his decision and be happy for him.

“I would love to make everyone children’s day but not if I’m putting my own at risk,” Brown said. “Please don’t say nothing is going to happen because nobody knows that. I’m sure someone will still have a problem with this and that’s fine as well.”

Brown previously admitted that the Titans didn’t offer him the type of contract that he was looking for, which played a major part in his trade. He reportedly agreed to a four-year, $100 million deal with the Eagles after the trade.

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