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Aaron Rodgers Going on ‘Darkness Retreat’ As He Mulls Football Future

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been outspoken about the fact that he plans to take his time mulling over a decision about his football future, but said that he believes he’ll be ready to reveal his intentions after his isolation retreat.

His “darkness retreat” that is.

Speaking with Pat McAfee and A.J. Hawk on The Pat Mcafee Show on Tuesday, Rodgers explained that he plans to go on a four-day-and-night excursion that will take place in total darkness. The 39-year-old will be completely isolated during that time.

“It’s four nights of complete darkness,” Rodgers began. “It’s a darkness retreat. I’ve had a number of friends who have done it and have had some profound experiences. It’s something that’s been on my radar for a few years now and I felt like it’d be awesome to do regardless of where I was leaning after this season so it’s been on the calendar for months and months.”

Perhaps most notably, Rodgers said the retreat is coming up in “a couple weeks.”

Naturally, McAfee and Hawk had some questions about the unorthodox trip, so here are some important particulars: Rodgers explained that the retreat will take place in a “little house” that will have a two-way slot for him to receive food and other necessities. The Packers quarterback revealed that the experience is centered around “sensory deprivation isolation” and that he may have hallucinations. At any point, participants are allowed to opt out and leave the retreat.

Hawk also asked Rodgers if there was a bathroom or if he would have to wear adult diapers, to which the three-time MVP reassured listeners that there would be a place to use the bathroom. 

The darkness retreat certainly won’t be the first time that Rodgers has participated in a unique experience during the offseason. Between undergoing a Panchakarma last spring and trying ayahuasca in 2020, the Packers quarterback has long shown that he’s willing to seek out non-traditional methods and activities. 

What the darkness retreat means from a football perspective remains to be seen, but it sounds like Rodgers will have an answer on whether he plans to continue playing in the NFL and with the Packers when he returns.