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Peyton Manning Believes Patrick Mahomes Is Already a Hall of Famer

Patrick Mahomes is off to one of the best starts to a career that the NFL has seen, with a Super Bowl, three total All-Pro selections, and as of this week, a pair of regular season MVP awards to his name. On Sunday, he’ll have a chance to capture a second championship with the Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII.

With those accolades at just 27-years-old, is Mahomes already a lock for Canton? A current member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame—Peyton Manning—says yes. He knows Mahomes isn’t focusing on what will come after his career, though. 

“I don’t think Patrick thinks in those terms,” Manning told TMZ on Friday. “Patrick is in the moment, right? He won his second MVP last night, was a no brainer, but the fact that he’s in his third Super Bowl in four years, that’s all he cares about. But yes, the answer to that question is yes, but that’s just not on his radar. And it shouldn’t be, he should be in the moment and kicking butt for the Chiefs.”

Manning is likely right, based on NFL history. All seven Hall of Fame eligible players with multiple MVP awards have been inducted: Manning (five MVPs), Jim Brown (three), Brett Favre (three), Johnny Unitas (three), Joe Montana (two), Steve Young (two) and Kurt Warner (two). Aaron Rodgers (four MVPs) and Tom Brady (three) are absolute locks once they’re eligible.

Even if Patrick Mahomes was to lose Sunday’s game and immediately retire, it is hard to see him being left out of Canton.