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Dolphins’ Throwback Uniform Reveal Had Fans Pleading to Make Them Permanent

The Dolphins will sport the team’s popular all white throwback uniforms on Sunday vs. AFC East rival the Patriots, and fans all had a similar reaction on social media.

The all white and aqua uniforms debuted when the Dolphins did back in 1966, and the team wore the uniforms through the ‘73 season. Since retiring the uniform full-time, the Dolphins will occasionally bring them back during a season, like this year. The Dolphins also wore these specific throwback uniforms against the Patriots in 2020 and ‘21.

Every time Miami wears these uniforms, fans typically always have the same plea, to make the uniforms permanent.

The Palm Beach Post even did a poll ahead of Sunday’s matchup asking fans if they want to see these throwbacks as a permanent option for the Dolphins, and 92% of voters wanted that.

Here’s a look at some social media reaction to the uniforms ahead of Sunday’s game.