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NFL Fans Loved Trey Hendrickson’s Classy Move Moments After Trevor Lawrence’s Injury

When Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence suffered an ankle injury in Monday’s 34—31 overtime loss to the Bengals, at least one player on the field was looking out for him—a player who happened to be on the other team.

Lawrence was the victim of an unfortunate incident in the fourth quarter when one of his own offensive linemen stepped on his ankle during a dropback. Bengals pass-rusher Trey Hendrickson, who was involved in the play, immediately expressed concern for Lawrence with a classy act of sportsmanship.

Hendrickson stood over the Jaguars quarterback for a few moments before bending down and checking on Lawrence’s condition. He then took a knee and appeared to say a prayer for Lawrence while the QB was in discernible pain.

Despite fans’ dismay upon seeing Lawrence painfully make his way to the locker room sans injury cart, Hendrickson’s thoughtful gesture warmed hearts across the NFL and spoke volumes about his character.