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Odell Beckham Jr. Had NFL Fans in Awe With His Tricky Field Goal Attempt Before Dolphins-Ravens

What can’t Odell Beckham Jr. do?

Ahead of Sunday’s highly anticipated matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and the Miami Dolphins, Beckham warmed up on the field and showed off some of his other football talents.

At one point, he grabbed the football from around 20 yards, give or take, and twirled it onto the ground and immediately kicked the ball toward the uprights.

Unfortunately for Beckham, the ball missed and appeared to go left of the poles. Regardless, it still was impressive for the wide receiver to kick the ball at that distance and height.

Some fans wondered if Beckham was out to take Baltimore’s famed kicker Justin Tucker’s job. Probably not, but it looks like the Ravens could have an option for a backup kicker if the situation arises.

Fans overall were in awe of Beckham’s field goal attempt, even though this is something the receiver apparently does often during warm-ups. Check out some of the reactions.